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Anya online, specialize in designer sarees, custom-made blouses and other costumes, and any sort of ceremonial ensemble for women and kids. At a glance, it is a boutique store with a great collection of designer attire. The difference is that most of the clothes we make are inspired by our nation's rich heritage of art and craft. We blend these heritage-inspired designs with the finest fabrics ) and shape them according to the customer's needs.

The Challenge

New online Company having long root in retail outlet, company needed both a short-term source of business and a more long-term, stable source of quality clientele.

Travel Company

The World Class Travel Company creating happiness and Joy such that provide excellent environment to all our customers."We are passionately committed to Total Quality Travel, with continual delivery of value added services.We believe only in quality of services to our valuable Customers.

The Challenge

Strong chain of Local travel company, need spreading the business all across the Country. Need to place in travellers and tourist area.